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Just the name "Weber" screams performance; and a Weber on a Mini has always been considered the ultimate! The side draft Weber range used is the "DCOE" series.
One of the common problems with side-draft carbs is the choice of the carb size in the first place and the choke size in the second. The trick with carb sizing and choke selection is basically one of choosing a size which provides the engine with the air flow it needs without overwhelming it. Although carb selection should really be done after you know the flow characteristics of your cylinder head, we can provide the following guidelines: if the choke size required for your engine is 35mm or less you should be using a 40DCOE, for all choke sizes of 36mm or larger a 45DCOE should be used. NOTE: a 40DCOE with 32mm chokes will flow more air than a 45DCOE with the 32mm chokes! A 948cc with a modified head, semi-race camshaft and LCB exhaust typically uses a choke size of 33mm, a 1098cc with the same set-up uses 34mm chokes, and even a stock 1275cc only needs 35mm chokes; all of these engines should use a 40DCOE. A full race/street 1098cc could use chokes between 32mm and 36mm chokes making it borderline 40/45DCOE. A hoghly modified street/race 1275cc could use as much as 38mm chokes; definitely 45DCOE range.