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Oil Pickup Center Remote, Competition - Mini, Cooper & S

Oil Pickup Center Remote, Competition - Mini, Cooper & S
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The Mini oil pick-up pipe lives in the right hand edge of the gearbox casing, which is okay if you are driving straight. But during a right hand corner it is possible for the oil to slosh to the left and away from the pick-up. You may notice the pressure gauge dipping during a freeway cloverleaf! The likelihood of this happening is increased if the oil level is low. Friend, starving the engine of oil for only an instant at several thousand RPM can be disastrous! That is why we recommend this central oil pick-up be installed with every transmission we rebuild in the shop or with every set of Yokohama's we sell! It's also a necessity if you live or drive in the mountains.

It also has proven to enhance longevity of the oil pump by trapping the tiny pigments of foreign bodies that cause all the wear.This is a unique designed part manufactured by us and used by all top engine builders. Beware there are lots of cheap alternatives on the market that do not compare with ours.