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Mini Cooper Headlight Covers with No Washers Gen2 R55-R59

Mini Cooper Headlight Covers with No Washers Gen2 R55-R59
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Protect your expensive headlights with these easily installed light covers for headlight WITHOUT Headlight Washers. The optically clear covers stay soft to absorb most impacts from stones and gravel and fit perfectly. Protect your investment.

Kit includes:
2 Headlamp covers
2 Foglamp / Parking light covers
2 Factory Driving / Rallye light covers

(Also includes 2 additional Foglamp covers with 'reliefs' cut to allow to fitment to the curvature of the lens, in case the flat ones doesn't adhere.)


2007+ R56 MINI Hatchback
2009+ R57 MINI Convertibles
2012+ R58 MINI COUPE
2012+ R59 MINI Roadster


Polycarbonate lenses can become cloudy and discolored due to oxidation caused by harmful UV rays. While sanding or polishing the surface can buy you a small amount of time, this process actually removes the painted-on hard coat, essentially accelerating the wear and tear. In the more advanced stages, the deterioration continues into the actual plastic material of the headlight, rendering it unsalvageable and requiring total replacement.

Probably the most common issue seen with composite headlamps is the sandblasting caused by rocks, road salt, debris and sand. This pitting and cracking not only affects the appearance, but it also reduces the performance of your lights. In some extreme cases, more commonly seen with fog lights mounted near to the ground, this can actually cause the lights to crack, allowing moisture to form inside the lens.

XPEL fils is designed to protect from all of these elements. In fact, it can actually help restore lights that are showing signs of wear from pitting. Acting like a wax, the adhesive fills in the surface defects, creating a shiny consistent surface while protecting from any further damage.

The XPEL press-polished material is optically clear when installed. This ultra clear appearance is not only important for the general aesthetics of your headlights, but also in guaranteeing a distortions-free light transmission for your night time drive.