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Mini Cooper Headlight Bulb PIAA Extreme White Plus R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61

Mini Cooper Headlight Bulb PIAA Extreme White Plus R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61
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Simple upgrade for your Halogen headlights! PIAA Xtreme White PLUS H13 bulb with a Kelvin rating of 4000K, providing an intense white light with superior performance. Sold in Pairs.

The H13 Xtreme White Plus bulbs will draw the same power and run the same temperature as a stock bulb, the stock harness and housing won’t know anything has changed. The light output is much whiter than stock with a hint of blue but still well within the SAE standard for white. The blue top coat (covering the tip of the bulb) will give the headlight a blue tint when viewed from the front but does not make the output on the road blue.


2007+ R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback with Halogen headlights (non-Xenon)
2008+ R55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback with Halogen headlights (non-Xenon)
2009+ R57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible with Halogen headlights (non-Xenon).
2011+ R60 MINI Cooper and Cooper S COUNTRYMAN with Halogen headlights (non-Xenon).
2012+ R58 MINI Cooper and Cooper S COUPE with Halogen headlights (non-Xenon).
2012+ R59 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Roadster with Halogen headlights (non-Xenon).

The MINI with halogen bulbs uses the same H13 bulbs for both High and Low beams. You only need 2 bulbs per car.

Dual-filament bulb - two (2) per package.

LH13 is designed to comply with all DOT, ECE and NAFTA regulations World wide application and use.

Engineered for sustained performance in applications where a high level of vibration and moisture protection is required.

  • PIAA H13 Light Bulb

  • 4000K Xtreme White Plus

  • 12V65/55W=85/75W

  • DOT Approved (Streel Legal)

  • For Driving Purpose

  • PIAA One Year Warranty.

  • Package includes two (2) light bulbs

PIAA Corporation has been designing and manufacturing high quality halogen bulbs for nearly a half-century. Quality begins with the design. PIAA scientifically engineers bulbs to exacting specifications utilizing the latest in integrated computer aided technology. The quest for quality doesn’t just end there. Only the highest-grade materials are selected for use in products and to ensure your complete satisfaction every PIAA bulb is 100% tested at each step in the manufacturing process. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. PIAA is proud to offer you a wide range of bulbs you can use with pride and confidence!

NOTE: No amount of technology can overcome improper use of lighting products. For your safety and the safety of others, please use PIAA products responsibly.