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Mini Cooper Brake Light Pulsar Gen2 R55-R61

Mini Cooper Brake Light Pulsar Gen2 R55-R61
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Helps prevent tailgaters! This PULSAR will get their attention! Third Brake Light PULSAR converts your 3rd brake light to 'flash' when first applied, greatly enhancing visibility to the car behind.

Fits the following models:

2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop
2008-2014 R55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Clubman
2009-2015 R57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible
2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Coupe
2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Roadster

2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Countryman
2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Paceman

The new 'Smart' PULSAR for LED or bulb based brake lights will flash your third center brake light when you apply your brakes and then brake light will remain on without flashing as long as your brake lights are on.

When in stop and go traffic, SmartPulse will stop the third brake light from pulsating. When you hold your brake pedal down for more than 12 seconds and then reapply your brake within 9 seconds, this unit will not pulse the third brake light. It will come on solid. When you reapply your brakes after 12 seconds, the unit will pulse your third brake light again. If you do not wish to have the SmartPulse enabled, simply remove the jumper at J4 and the unit will behave like the standard PULSAR.

The 'Smart' PULSAR can be configured during installation to flash about 3 seconds when set to short pulses, and about 6 seconds when set to long pulses.

Using surface mount technology, this little unit was designed to be as small as we could get it for our MINI's which fits nicely into the third brake light cavity.

Unlike other units, this is silent during operation. No clicking!

Will this work on other cars? Yes, as long as they are 12V and have a third brake light. The 'Smart' PULSAR works with LEDs or incandescent (bulbs) brake lights.

See Gen 2 Brake Light Pulsar Installation Instructions here.

See Mini Countryman & Paceman installation instructions here.

For all other models, see NMA2504.