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Mini Cooper Air Filter Value Line Gen2 R55-R61

Mini Cooper Air Filter Value Line Gen2 R55-R61
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Aftermarket replacement Engine Air Filter from MANN Filters.


2007+ R56 MINI Cooper Hardtop
2008+ R55 MINI Cooper CLUBMAN
2009+ R57 MINI Cooper Convertible
2011+ R60 MINI Cooper COUNTRYMAN

Clean intake air is essential for problem-free driving. However, pollutants such as particles and soot are taken in with the air. The result: dirt particles get into the combustion chamber, causing grooves and premature wear on the engine. Electronic components, such as sensors, which are located between the intake and the combustion chamber, are impaired in their function or even destroyed.

Modern MANN-FILTER filter media for air filters demonstrates particularly high mechanical stability. They filter the intake air efficiently and reliably. This allows optimum composition of the air/fuel mix and ensures consistent engine performance. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacement a clogged air filter can improve a car's gas mileage by as much as 10%.

MANN-FILTER air filters have numerous important functions. They filter destructive particles such as dust, pollen, sand, soot and even drops of water out of the intake air. They ensure that only clean air gets into the combustion chamber. MANN-FILTER air filters also prevent damage caused in various ways to electronic components such as highly delicate sensors (hot-film air flow meters). MANN-FILTER air filters have other important functions:

They lessen intake noise, control temperature regulation and seal off adjacent components. MANN-FILTER is setting new standards for the air filtration of tomorrow with its air filter solutions.

See G2NME1020 for the original factory replacement filter.