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MED High Torque Drive Vernier Belt Drive System

MED High Torque Drive Vernier Belt Drive System
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New Vernier Belt Drive Timing Set from MED does away with the old square tooth design for better reliablility and features a slippable vernier crank gear for accurate timing.

  • The old problematic flat toothed timing belt is replaced with the latest HTD ‘High Torque Drive’ motorsport round tooth form belt for ultimate reliability.

  • Both crankshaft and camshaft pulleys are of a new design complete with fully adjustable vernier cam pulley. The crankshaft pulley now has a larger outside diameter to retain rigidity along the key way and resist cracks.

  • The main housing is CNC machined from billet alloy and has internal breather holes drilled to relieve crankcase pressure helping to prevent oil leaks in this area.

  • Another enhancement is the large diameter idler tensioner which runs on a pair of sealed bearings, this allows the belt to be tensioned to allow for the backlash in the belt to be removed – giving perfect cam timing on and off the throttle.

  • A mounting boss is also machined into the main housing and a pipe adaptor is supplied for a breather connection.

  • The main housing now incorporates the original steel engine plate as part of the housing further reducing weight.

  • The front covers are radially split and stepped to enable access to camshaft timing without removal of the crankshaft pulley.

  • Mounting holes for the pickup bracket for use with engine management are drilled and tapped. **bracket and pickup not included**