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Austin Mini rear adjustable 3/4" anti roll , sway bar

Austin Mini rear adjustable 3/4" anti roll , sway bar
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Rear, adjustable anti-roll bar kit complete.

Contains 3/4" steel bar and spherical joints to ensure ultimate stiffness and efficiency.

Not recommended for road use.


Use of a rear anti-roll bar increases roll stiffness (resistance); therefore, helping reduce understeer. One of the keys to driving a Mini is the cornering speeds and general great handling. As a front wheel drive car with a short wheelbase, 'trailing throttle oversteer' is often the fastest way to drive one of these cars. This occurs when you lift off the gas pedal abrubtly and the tail of the car get light and has a tendency towards oversteer. This typically not only points the car in the right direction sooner but takes some of the cornering loads off the front tires and allows them to bite for traction in the forward direction. The ability to adjust the rear suspension to your driving style is the only reason to have this great sway bar. Some people like more or less control and this is the only way to get it!