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Austin Mini interior mirror MK1 light grey

Austin Mini interior mirror MK1 light grey
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Light grey plastic 6" mirror as fitted from October 1964-70 mainly.
The first 6" light grey plastic mirror with a twin ball stem and black suction cup was patented in 1962 and first fitted in October 1964. The twin ball stem was replaced with a 3 ball stem which had the extra ball on the middle of the stem to accept a new modified clear plastic suction cup 24A2112.
The early black suction cup was fitted to cars with sun visors that had a hinge at one end and a clip at the other plus a few with a hing at both ends until early 1966.
When they introduced the sun visor with hinges at both ends they started fitting the 3 ball mirror stem shortly afterwards.
Not all chassis number info was available even in 1968 but the following was recorded unti the 3 ball stem and suction cup replaced the 2 ball stem. The black suction cup was fitted to A-A2S7 108455 to 127226 austin mini MK1 M-A2S4 to 400956 morris Mini MK2.
Cooper S MK1 C-A2S7 KA2S4 31484 to 51697.