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Austin Mini interior mirror MK11 white

Austin Mini interior mirror MK11 white
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White plastic 6" mirror as fitted from Late 1970-75.

The first 6" light grey plastic mirrors patented in 1962 were fitted from October 1964 and had a twin ball stem with a black rubber sucker which slid on. The twin ball stem was replaced with a 3 ball stem 24A2111 which had the extra ball on the stem centre where a new clear plastic sucker CRT10004 was attached.The early black sucker type was fitted to cars with sun visors that had a hinge at one end and a clip at the other.

When they introduced the sun visor with hinges at both ends in 1965 they started fitting the 3 ball mirror stem shortly afterwards.

The white mirror was introduced on production cars from MK3 1970 on but seems to be found on some earlier cars although many look white when aged and blemished by the sun. It is only when you look behind the glass of the mirror or inside of the foot where it attaches the body the true colour can be seen.

Most Leyland/BMC/Rover aftermarket mirrors were sold as grey-see 24A1750 but both white and grey 6" mirrors appeared under this part number by Rover and then winguard made a 7.25" after market mirror in white to confuse all..Most Mk1 and Mk2 originally had grey 6" wide mirrors.