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Austin Mini heater core 1980 thru 1991

Austin Mini heater core 1980 thru 1991
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This is a new heater core to fit 1980 to 1991 mini's. Measures approximately 7.5" x 6" x 1.75".

2 plastic 5/8" outlets at the same end and close together which exit the heater on the r/h side.

The later HIF38 1275 and single point cars had a change point where the plastic outlets exited on the l/h. This is a JEF10005. These units take 5/8" heater hose, therefore on cars pre 1989 where the pipe work is still 1/2" you will need to fit 5/8" hose pipe with a reducer MOC210 and then 1/2" hose as required. The plastic outlets are on the new matrix but available as JEP10007MS repair kit if required.