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Austin Mini digital RPM limiter

Austin Mini digital RPM limiter
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This micro controller based unit provides a much greater accuracy than analog systems. The use of digital rotary switches makes setting easy from 100 to 9900 RPM at a resolution of 100 RPMs for more accurate rev control. No more chips or jumpers! A random spark stealing method is used and starts within one spark at the moment when the rev limit is exceeded. This reduces plug fouling common with repetitive stealing type limiters.
The DRL600 comes with two analog filters and one digital filter to prevent coil (-) noise. A tachometer output with TTL interface and near 50% duty cycle makes our limiter compatible with modern tachometers. It also features reverse voltage protection and a voltage range from 6 to 18 volts. The 4-wire hookup and small size (2.5"x3.0"x1.4") makes installation and fitment easy.