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Austin Mini brake conversion kit drum to disc 'S' 7.5 inch

Austin Mini brake conversion kit drum to disc 'S' 7.5 inch
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No matter how well your Austin or Morris Mini Cooper handles, you still have to stop sometime, and if the car in front of you has ABS you'd better be able to stop your Mini Cooper right now! At one time the only way to get the highly desirable Mini Cooper S disc brakes was to acquire a used set and rebuild them. Now we have this kit to convert any year Austin or Morris Mini or Mini Cooper to S disc brakes. This disc brake conversion kit includes every nut, bolt and component needed, including front suspension uprights, roller wheel bearings, upper and lower ball joints, axle CV joints, disc brake rotors, disc brake drive flanges, two piston stock cast iron Mini Cooper S calipers, etc. All NEW parts, easy bolt-in installation. Does NOT include driveshafts (You can use your old ones).

We recommend one of the Haynes manual if instructions are required. Part # 527 or 646.
Note, this kit includes aftermarket front hubs. Fts cars with 10 inch wheels.