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Austin Mini 7 port alloy alumimun cylinder head

Austin Mini 7 port alloy alumimun cylinder head
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What a way to bolt on horsepower! It is a known fact that the more air mixed with proper the amount of fuel can result in big horsepower gains. This new 7 port aluminum head is for sure up to the task. It has 4 very large intake ports that actually include the intake manifold to allow you to directly bolt on a pair of 40 or 45DCOE Weber carbs. With a stock 24cc combustion chamber and 1.3" intake valves and 1.15" exhaust valves it will pull like a freight train. This head can simply be bolted onto your stock block with no change of camshaft or exhaust manifold. And just as important it will fit under a stock bonnet with no body modifications!
Finished head includes valve guides, but not valves and springs and studs. Also fits Sprite and MG Midget .