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Austin Mini 2 core super cooling radiator 1992 and later

Austin Mini 2 core super cooling radiator 1992 and later
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Same as C-ARA4442 but supplied with a screw-in heat sensor unit, as required and fitted by Rover to late cars.Minispares adapted the safer screw type sensor as compared to the push and turn fit used by Rover, which on certain vehicles leaked or was liable to pop out. (Included in kit with Radiator). Especially for more powerful and hotter running engines. Developed using the latest technology and design for increasing air flow, utilizing just two rows of very large cores and V shaped gills. Not only is this radiator much lighter and narrower than the 4 core, it performs as well as the old 4-core. Being of lighter material the cores can be prone to fin blockage/damage by a heavy deluge of mud or muck and is not ideal for grasstrack or autocross use and we recommend using C-ARA4444 the 4-core instead.
May require minor modfications to 2-piece radiator shroud to fit to Mk I/II. Remember,its easy to drain these radiators for cleaning by unscrewing the sensor switch in the lower tank