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Asutin Mini steering rack MKII and later left hand drive

Asutin Mini steering rack MKII and later left hand drive
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A worn steering rack can range from uncomfortable to drive to being downright dangerous. While not the easiest thing in the world to replace, it is a situation where compromise should never be an option. As the sporadic supply of this item can either slow or stop your progress in repair or restoration, if you have never replaced your old one, you might want to keep one handy for the day you need it!

Standard 2.7 ratio steering rack for left hand drive cars, Mk II and later, except Sportspack.
If you are interested in performance driving then you know reaction time from the driver to the car is critical; the time it takes to turn the steering wheel to the desired angle is important! The stock steering rack is 2.7 turns lock to lock, our quick ratio version is 2.2
Does not include steering tie rod ends. See GSJ100 for standard tie rod ends and GSJ158 for longer tie rod ends for lowered cars.
Will fit Mk I cars as long as the steering arms are also changed. See BTA896 and -897.
For left hand drive quick ratio (2.2), see C-FAM7307
For right hand drive, see GSR626E and C-GSR626.