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1275 + .020 Mega dish piston , with rings & wrist pin each

1275 + .020 Mega dish piston , with rings & wrist pin each
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1275, 6cc dished pistons, +.020, These super high-quality squeeze-cast pistons are manufactured by AE and these pistons have proved to be bullet proof! Applying current technological advances incorporationg their very latest hi-spec AE109TF lightweight alloy and special double heat treatments, the result is an extremely durable piston that will withstand greater cylinder pressures at higher rpm than any other currently available. This design guards against premature damage from poor/low quality modern fuels with the rings re-sited to minimise detonation damage in high compression engines. The ring dimensions are compatible, and therefore interchangable, with the Omega Mini piston range. Full circle skirts are used for maximum piston and ring stability. They also feature a specifically designed ridged finish on the side of the piston walls which helps retain oil, to protect against scuffing and galling at start up and cold running. A tapered gudgeon pin is employed to maximise stiffness against its light weight.